Digital Printing – A New Dimension To Wall Decoration

With the increased use of technology, the modern form of art is digital art. These are prints created on paper and canvas with saturated pigment-based archival inks. The digital prints are created with inkjet printers producing a uniform image with a perfect blend of colors. A digital print is considered unique only when the artwork is not a copy of any artwork made through different mediums. Digital prints include versatile artworks by artists such as still life, abstraction, figuration, portraits, landscapes, and hyperrealism. You can adorn your walls with artistic quality digital prints of your photos or artwork on fine art paper fitted perfectly in a wooden frame.

For a painting to look attractive, everything should be in its right place. The size of the canvas, perfect use of colors, perfect image, and fitted frames. The quality of the paper, frames, glass, and size of the canvas, every detailing must be done meticulously to create an outstanding digital print. Digital printing of diverse art types has become popular among people such as photography, decorative art, fine art, and vintage art.

Process of digital printing

Paper – The image is printed on a premium shining fine art paper perfect for the higher resolution photographic image. With the use of premium fine art paper, you get a detailed high-quality image printed.

Frames – For digital prints, use a wooden frame that is handmade polished with vinyl coating in black or white color. As the print fits in the frame, it is ready to hang on your wall.

Glass – To keep the digital print protected from dust and sunlight, crystal clear glass is inserted in the frame.

Frames and glasses come in different sizes. A variety of frames are available in standard picture sizes. If you have a specific shape or size, frames can be customized to fit in at affordable prices.

With a simple process of digital printing of artworks, an image swiftly moves from the hard drive to the wall. If you have a picture that you wish to hang on the wall, get it digitally printed at affordable prices. It allows you to adorn your walls with museum quality digital printing and framing.

The digital printing art allows you to convert your photos into an artwork. You just need to upload the photos, the professional would take care of lighting and shadows thereby digitally print and get it framed into an outstanding artwork. There are a lot of ways to digitally print an image such as framing, canvas, wood mount, or print only.

Home decoration with digital printing

You can find innumerable digital print ideas online for home decoration. For decorating your bedroom, you can choose small or long artworks beside the lamp or in the center of your bedroom. Some of the most popular digital artworks for room decoration are the full moon, shoreline, the surf, blue nude, red maple leaves, and other panoramic artwork. One of the most popular arts is the canvas art that includes stretched canvas prints, brush-stroked canvas, gallery-wrapped canvas, and hand-embellished art.