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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I place an order, what can I expect to receive?
After selecting the print size, and/or the matting and framing combination of your choice in our virtual frame shop, you will receive a fully assembled composition.  It will be delivered to you, ready to hang on your wall!

Can I upload an image I have stored on my hard-drive?
Yes, you have the option on our site to upload your own image, or pick from one of the thousands of fine art and photography images on our website.  You can then choose to purchase matting and framing to complement your print, or you can purchase just the print. You will receive a fully assembled composition, custom-built to your specifications, that can be immediately hung on your wall.

What can I expect in terms of the quality of my print?
If you upload your own image file, you can expect to receive the highest quality print possible given the quality of the file itself.  There is a wide range of digital cameras available on the market, which vary considerably in terms of picture quality.  Generally speaking, the better your camera, the better your picture will look.  This is, however, only one of many factors.  Basic issues such as lighting or focus still, of course, apply.

What if I am unsatisfied with the quality of my print?
We will provide a full refund on any compositions which are damaged, scratched or are otherwise deficient in terms of their manufacture.  We will not, however, provide such a refund based on subjective issues such as color quality.  We make every effort to represent the images on our site accurately but due to unavoidable differences in monitor displays, the composition you receive may not exactly match what you see on our website.  We also will not be held responsible for the quality of prints that are based on images uploaded to our website.  You are fully responsible for ensuring that the quality of your image file is to your own satisfaction, and that the print size you order is appropriate given the file size.

What kind of materials do you use in the production of matted and framed art prints?
We strive to make available only the highest quality, reasonably priced materials that will ensure the artwork is not only placed in its best possible light, but that it will be durable and long-lasting as well.  For more information about the various kinds of materials we use.

Are there any cases in which you might be unable to fill an order?
We strive to fill every order placed through our website in a timely and professional manner.  However, there may be rare cases in which we are unable to fill an order.  If we have recently run out of stock in a particular mat or frame that you have selected then we will contact you by phone or email, and we will do whatever we can to satisfy your needs as quickly and expediently as we can.

Does the rate you quoted for shipping apply outside the 48 contiguous US states?
No. International shipping as well as express delivery will result in additional charges. However, you can feel safe in going ahead and placing your order. All credit card charges are done manually, and we will communicate with you via e-mail and get your approval for the exact amount to be charged before we charge your card.