Picture Framing

Picture framing is a technique that has been employed for literally thousands of years. Not only does the picture framing process provide a rigid platform to hang and display the image, but the creative use of mouldings and mats can also transform the art work miraculously into countless effects that emphasize different aspects of the same picture within.

Today, with the advent of computers and the internet, you can get that prized photo you’re letting sit trapped in your computer all the way from your hard drive to your wall in one process. Unlike making multiple trips to different vendors, DPPF will create for you picture framing to your exact specifications, including photo editing, printing, picture frames, matting, and delivery right to your door. Best of all, you can accomplish this by merely clicking the mouse on your computer while sitting at home. Nearly any dimensions from our wide selection of mouldings and mats are available. The only restrictions come from the size limits imposed by the various shipping carriers and by the limitations of our printer. DPPF uses an Epson 9600 roll printer, capable of creating prints up to 44 inches in one direction and nearly any length in the other direction.

While the earliest picture framing utilized wood only, the picture framing done at DPPF makes use of both wood and metal. Mouldings range from elegantly simple to ornate and majestic. Colors from subdued to glittering gold and silver are among your choices. In the same manner, mat selection offers a rainbow of colors and a wide variety of textures. See them all come together along with the background color of your own wall by using our Virtual Frame Shop. The Online Frame Shop will automatically calculate the dimensions of the finished product.

In addition to ordering online, if the customer cannot find exactly the combination of elements desired for his picture framing, he may call us direct at 512-868-9140 to discuss his exact requirements. On special order the staff at DPPF can also crop and otherwise enhance whatever picture is to be used.

When shopping for picture framing from DPPF, the source picture may be one that you upload from your hard drive or a choice from our wide selection of great artists’ paintings, master photographers, and historical prints. Each image is foam core backed and dry mounted inside the custom picture frame. The picture may also include up to three mats. The top mat can even be further customized to nearly any width exposure that you choose. The final product may have clear or non-glare acrylic covering (used instead of glass) or make use of our special laminate glazing, which can cover the picture only or both the picture and matting. Of course, the customer has the additional option of omitting coverings altogether. In any case, the custom picture frame you receive from DPPF represents the finishing touch on a great print prepared by us especially for you.

In your busy schedule, isn’t it better to get all parts of the puzzle put together in one place? Picture framing from DPPF is the answer!