Pictures of Nature Scenes

Nature Scene Picture

Imagine a beach nature scene. An immaculate white shoreline gently melts into calming turquoise green water. The inviting sea hypnotically laps against the sugary sand as a tender breeze fills the air with the sweet fragrance of plumeria and ripe passion fruit. Its fragrance lovingly rouses the fragile leaves of giant palm trees and lulls all into a drowsy slumber.


Imagine an autumnal nature scene. Trees burn and glow with deep reds, oranges and yellows that captivate the eye as well as awaken the spirit. Such a beautiful nature scene invokes memories of hot apple cider and long days passed watching the flickering flames of a smoldering fire. Imagine a winter nature scene. Blankets of powder fresh snow envelop everything in sight.  No hill, treetop, rooftop or sidewalk escapes from the morning frost. In the distance, a lone cottage surrounded by evergreens rests against the wintry backdrop. Bundled snugly by the powdery snow, the cottage patiently waits until the first signs of spring. The only hint of life emanates from the ashy smoke billowing from the cottage’s single chimney.

Imagine a springtime lake nature scene. Nestled beneath snowcapped mountains, a placid lake enchants all who behold its splendor. The lake’s soothing waters and bubbling creeks awaken the surrounding valley. Exquisite wildflowers of deep violet, canary yellow, and blushing pink swathe the lush valley’s floor and surround the lake’s temperate waters. In the distance, blue birds and cardinals fill newly bloomed trees and herald in spring with their melodious song.

Imagine a sunset nature scene. As the setting sun leisurely dips below the horizon, the darkening sky is set aflame with brilliant rays of gold, rust, cerulean and indigo. Lingering clouds are ignited with the piercing warmth of the descending sun and dust the horizon. Like shimmering diamonds, the first stars of the evening begin to make their appearance as they gingerly sprinkle the deepening sky with their luminescence.

Although frequently forgotten, nature truly is everywhere. No matter how we might try to escape it or build metal buildings to push it aside, nature remains willing to be rediscovered.  Nature has the power to calm and strengthen, to inspire and heal. Just as one can become renewed by experiencing the grandeur of the Swiss Alps, enthralled by viewing the beauty of a springtime meadow, or moved by feeling the enormity of the nighttime sky, you can as easily become renewed, enthralled or moved by viewing a masterful photo or print of a nature scene. By owning an exquisite nature scene you can reminisce over past adventures, fantasize about future escapades, meditate over the wonder of the world, or simply revel in a truly beautiful piece of art. Framed Images can provide you with the means of experiencing nature at its finest. Through our nature scenes you can travel to remote tropical hideaways or travel inside yourself, as you reflect over the perfection of a single falling raindrop.