Water Pictures

t flows, babbles, rushes, and cascades. It can become still or even freeze solid. If the heat rises, it can disperse into buoyant particles that float heavenward. When the light hits it just right, it can become a conduit for rainbows. Water is the very picture of change, flux, and transformation. No two moments are alike. It is for this reason that photographers are both drawn to, and often frustrated by this most complex subject.

“Water picture” can have as many meanings as the element has phases: mountain stream water pictures, lake or pond water pictures, or the mother of all water pictures, ocean water pictures. Each of these scenes offer the photographer a unique set of challenges, which if properly utilized, can be transformed into a powerful composition that stirs within the viewer a wide range of emotions.

The work of Bob Lilly provides a few stunning examples. His pictures of Fly Geyser in southern Utah show water in one of its most powerful and rare forms: a vertical spout. Partly natural, partly manmade, this formation emerged over the last century from failed attempt at an oil well. These fascinating water pictures, taken from various angles at precisely the right moment, are certain to inspire a sense of wonder.

For a calmer effect, Lilly has also captured a still coastal scene with a lighthouse pictured in the background. Also present in his collection is a lovely image of a mountain stream cutting its way through the rich soil of a verdant forest. Lilly also offers a transcendent scene featuring a beautiful sunset at Mono Lake, an extremely unique and interesting body of water located in California’s Eastern Sierra region. There the water is so salty and the alkaline content so high that it can cause death if a human being drinks it.

Other lovely water pictures will be added soon, so check back often. In the future we hope to offer underwater pictures, as well as abstract images that study the detailed qualities of water in its fluid state. Like all of the images found on our website, these water pictures can be printed in the size of your choice when you order it framed.